Joanna & Shawn – Love!

When we got to the reception hall last year at Joanna & Shawn’s wedding and that we saw the word “Love” behind the couple’s table, I thought that it was representing [...]

Something about black & white…

There is something about black & white photos that makes images feel timeless. Is it because a part of each of us is nostalgic in some way? Is it because there are no colours to distract our [...]

And so it was raining…

Most of you worked for more than a year preparing your perfect wedding day. So many hours of work put together for one day. Meetings, researches, meetings, shopping, etc. Then THE day [...]


Lights, camera, Party! Tons of smiles, lots of emotion, no inhibitions, that’s what sums up the Party! It is time of the day, when all the butterflies and stress are gone, the alcohol is [...]

Claudia & Johnny

Look at that beautiful and classy wedding we had the privilege to capture this fall. Claudia & Johnny are amazing clients. Thanks to them for having us sharing their beautiful day and [...]

Vanessa & Andrew – Fairy tale

Vanessa & Andrew made their wedding a real fairy tale. Both fans of Disney, their theme was based on Cinderella’s story. Thanks for having us on your romantic’s journey. And they [...]

Larissa & Simon

Merci à Larissa & Simon pour votre confiance. Cette journée était mémorable et votre chimie contagieuse. Félicitations à vous deux! de Belle Photography Montreal Wedding and Family Photography

Kristina & Christopher

When we think about simply good, down to earth, and just nice people, we think about Kristina and Christopher. They had a beautiful, classy, authentic wedding, and were blessed with a beautiful [...]

Kids being kids

We had so much fun capturing the real essence of Mia & Jake. We simply walked to their park close to their house. We let them play…we let them being kids, being them. We did almost no [...]


Nous avons la chance de partager plusieurs moments importants avec nos clients. Nous commençons souvent notre périple photographique avec eux lors de leur mariage ou lors d’une séance de [...]

The Unsung Heros

Today marks the 10 year anniversary that Marie-Helene Boucher has been working with de Belle Photography, and we would like to say THANKS MH!! There are many people involved in our day to day [...]

Summer Sophistication Melissa & Marco

With the sun beaming outside, we thought this would be the perfect time to share with you Melissa and Marco’s sophisticated summer wedding. With a smile on their faces, the cheerful couple [...]

A new addition to the family

Judith and Pascal welcomed their adorable baby girl this Spring. Since we photographed their wedding day, both of Judith’s pregnancies, and a baby shoot not long after their son was born, [...]

A Beautiful Baby Photo Session

Audrey and Robert were married in 2009 and we were fortunate enough to have been their photographers on their special day. In 2011 they welcomed a son and they contacted us to capture their very [...]

Caroline & David

Caroline & David se sont dit “oui” cet été. Nous avons d’abord rejoint David et ses garçons d’honneur au centre-ville de Montréal en matinée. Les gars étaient vraiment [...]

Vanessa & Éric: 55 jours avant oui!

Lorsque vous rencontrez Vanessa et Éric pour la première fois, ça ne prend que quelques minutes pour savoir qu’ils sont simplement faits l’un pour l’autre. Its just meant to be! [...]

Mariage au Manoir…

Un petit retour dans le temps! Nous travaillons en ce moment à monter l’album de Stéphanie & Olivier. Ils se sont dit oui sur la Rive-Sud au courant de l’été dernier et ont eu le [...]

Malgré la tempête…

Nous sommes allés chez Anny-Claude & Mark vendredi dernier malgré la tempête. L’ambiance à la maison était douce et calme et la connexion avec eux s’est faite naturellement. Comme [...]

Trash the dress

Nous offrons à nos clients une session photo “trash the dress”. Cette séance a normalement lieu après la date du mariage à la convenance du couple. Durant ce type de séance, le [...]